WWE’s Sasha Banks Finally Breaks Silence On Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Mone, Says “I Had To Go After…”

WWE’s Shasha Banks Reacts To Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Mone
WWE Former Star Shasha Banks Reacts To Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Moné ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

WWE’s Shasha Banks Reacts To Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Mone 
WWE Former Star Shasha Banks Reacts To Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Moné( Photo Credit – Instagram) 
Some WWE stars rose to success and fame, while some of them just got down with the wind. Adding to the list, Mercedes Moné, before known as Shasha Banks, left the giant wrestling company and set up her new home by resuming her career with New Japan Pro Wrestling. still, the wrestler has opened up about her departure from the WWE. 

The original name of the wrestler is Mercedes Justine Kaestner- Varnado, and she madeher name in the WWE. Upon chancing her success as Shasha Banks, when she wasreportedly removed from the company, she joined AEW. Read on to find out what the wrestler has to say about her exit from WWE. 

During a discussion on a panel at Planet Comicon, the WWE former wrestler revealed “ nothing knows the story ” because she has n’t said anything about her exit. Shasha Banks adds, “ You do n’t know the story. You ’re reading whatever you want to readand believing whatever you want to believe. ” 

The former WWE Women’s Champion latterly said that Shasha Banks isn’t going to note about her exit any farther. “ nothing knows the story because I have n’t saidanything, and I ’m not going to say anything because that’s just the majestic masterthat I am, the CEO, ” said AEW star Mercedes Moné. 

While talking about her career in the WWE, Mercedes Moné said, “ I ’d been in the WWE for nearly ten times ”. While explaining how she wanted to go for a new chapterin her life, she added, “ I had to have a change. I had to feel commodity different in my heart and my soul. I had to go after a whole new dream and a whole new chapter and a whole new fortune for me, and this is what I wanted for me, and this is what I wantedto make be for me, that’s it. This is what I ’m going for. This is my dream. ”

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