Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Copied ‘People’s Elbow’ From A WWE Veteran & Didn’t Pay Him Anything? Latter Says, “I Asked Him For Royalties”

Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock' Copied His Finishing Move 'People’s Elbow’ From A WWE Veteran
Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Copied His Iconic Move, ‘People’s Elbow’ From WWE Veteran ( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Dwayne ‘ The Rock ’ Johnson is right now one of the highest- earning Hollywood stars, but his roots lie in the wrestling ring of WWE. While the wrestler- turned- actor isn’t seen in the wrestling ring for quite some time, the suckers always await the People Champ to appear. Known for his stimulating moves and iconic hand step, The People’s Elbow, The Rock is one of the topmost wrestlers ever. 

Being one of the influential wrestlers from the station period of WWE, the Rock’s People’s Elbow is still said to be one of the most stimulating finishers in wrestling history. still, would you believe it if we tell you that it wasn’t his original idea and he putatively copied it from The Great Muta? Well, read on ahead to find out the reality. 

As per a report by Sportskeeda, Dwayne Johnson copied the manoeuvre that involvedhim delaying the strike as he first took off his elbow pads to pop the followershipbefore hitting the ropes of the rings. As it involved a crowd response, it was named the People’s Elbow. still, The Great Muta lately revealed during his recent converse with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi that The Rock “ admitted that his People’s Elbow was a mimic ” of his finisher move. 

“ I met him before two or three times. He actually admitted that his People’s Elbow was a mimic of my move. So I asked him for royalties. But we were joking, and he didn’t pay anything, but we really had a good discussion, ” revealed Keiji Muto, aka The Great Muta, while explaining about Dwayne Johnson’s people elbow. 

The original finishing move by The Great Muta entered a bit of counterreaction because of its belated nature and not being poignant enough. still, The Rock copied it in styleand made his finishing move by adding a bit of stimulating energy!! 

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