First Day at Gym Workout for Beginners

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I am back with a new video.

Todays’ video is for all the people who have
their first day at the gym.

What exercises they should perform?

What should be the correct techniques?

We will cover all of this in today’s video.

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Lets’ start our video.

If it is your first day in the gym there are
a lot of things you should keep in mind.

You feel very motivated on your first day and curious at the same time.

You might feel like doing a lot of things/exercises.

But it shouldn’t be done.

I would advise you to take suggestions from the trainer in your gym

and ask them that what exercises you should perform and how to start as it is your first day at the gym.

But if there is no trainer,

you need not worry.

I am there to help you all out

and I will tell you all how to start.

The first thing to do when you enter the gym is stretching.

Stretching is important because

before performing any exercise

you want to ready the muscle group to perform the exercise.

Secondly, you need to make sure
that you aren’t suffering from any to joint pain.

I will start with the stretching of my neck.

Rotate your neck. 4-5 times anticlockwise. 4-5 times clockwise.

Next for your shoulders. 5-6 times clockwise. 5-6 times anticlockwise.

Next full circular rotation. 4-5 times front. 4-5 times opposite.

This will let you know of any shoulder or neck pains
you might be suffering from.

Similar with wrists, 4-5 times clockwise.
4-5 times anticlockwise.

Next, open your feet a bit and get balanced

and do this 4-5 times.

While doing stretching you should make sure
that you aren’t suffering from any joint pain.

Next, bring your feet together and rotate your waist.

4-5 times clockwise. 4-5 times anticlockwise.

Next, widen your feet once more and slowly go down.

Stretching your hamstrings a bit.

Then do this 4-5 times.

After this take some back support

like I am taking support from
this machine here and just pull your knees up.

Try to do your maximum.

Just hold it there and count till three.


Hold your other knee.

Count three and relax.

Repeat three to four times with each leg.

Now using the same machine or anything else,

take some support because it is your first day

and you might face some balancing issues.

Now hold your toes behind.
No need to stretch a lot,

Just hold and count 1, 2, 3.

Repeat with the other leg and just hold it

1, 2, 3.

3-4 times with each leg.

With this, your full body stretching will be complete.

If you want to know how much time
should all of this take?

It should take you 5-8 minutes to do stretching.

Now we will move to all exercises you should perform.

After stretching the first exercise
I am going to perform is push-ups.

Push-ups is a very useful exercise for your upper body development

and this is the first exercise you should do if it is your first day in the gym.

So watch how to correctly perform this exercise.

Generally, people perform push-ups
holding their body on their hands and toes.

But as it is your first day in the gym

and even if you can perform it like this,
I would suggest you shouldn’t

because lets’ say you will perform 5-6 exercises, so you need to save energy for all of them.

That’s why I would suggest you perform push-ups with both your knees placed on the ground.

Cross both your knees behind and keep your hands

like you would in a normal push up.

Slowly go down in a controlled way and come back up slowly.

Whenever you come up, breathe out.

Target your chest muscle as it is the working muscle.

Slowly go down.

Slowly back up and breathe out.

Also, keep in mind that your back
should be straight throughout

and not bent inwards or outwards.

I will not tell about the number of repetitions here because If I say

you need to do
two sets of 15 reps or 2 sets of 20 reps

and your strength is not that much
and are not able to perform

that many repetitions and keep trying to do them

a lot of your energy will be used just for push-ups

and you won’t be able to perform
further exercises very well.

To perform according to your capacity,
you can do 5, 7 or even 10.

But according to the first day, you should do
maximum 10, no more than that.

and two sets would be more than enough.

After push-ups, the next exercise that
I will perform is lat pulldown

and in this exercise, my target is to train my back muscle.

Hold the grip a little wider than your shoulders.

Pull slowly. Then release slowly.

Whenever you release to keep in mind that
you cannot lift your shoulders too much.

When you pull the bar, pull it completely

hold it for a second and try to squeeze your upper back

and release it slowly.

Breathe out when you pull.

Also when you pull, you should not bend too much.

Try to sit straight.

This pad is here for your support
so do adjust it according to your height.

And if you want to know more details
about this exercise,

you can watch our back workout video.

There you will find details about this exercise.

Next exercise which I am going to perform
is flat bench dumbbell press.

As it is your first day so along with knowing

how to perform this exercise

you need to know how to pick up
the weight and how to keep it down.

Before starting the exercise,

you need to hold the dumbbells from the center

and keep them on your thighs.

Now slowly lie down on the bench so that

the dumbbells automatically come upon your chest.

Now straighten both your hands
and create an arch in your back.

Bring down both the dumbbells slowly near the chest

and push it back up slowly.

Breathe out when you push the dumbbell up.

In this, you need to target your chest muscles.

Also, when you bring the dumbbells down
they should stay close to the chest.

Your hands should not go outwards like this.

While keeping them back, I have seen a lot of people release their dumbbells on the floor

but this can cause strain on your shoulders.

So now you need to bend your legs again.

Slowly touch the dumbbells to your thighs
and come back up again.

Now keep the dumbbells down.

Weight selection should be according to your strength.

A lot of people will tell you not to
drink water when you exercise.

But I will recommend you that as you complete your sets,

you can have 1-2 sips of water between the exercise.

After 2-3 exercises of the upper body,
I have moved to legs.

For legs, the exercise which
I will perform is squats.

My purpose of including it here is that
it will help to create

a very strong overall foundation
of your strength training.

I know it is your first day

but I want your foundation to be strong
from the very first day itself.

So do not ignore this exercise.

Here I am performing squats without shoes
because the shoes I was wearing were running shoes

and they had a cushioned sole that was causing difficulty in achieving balance.

That is why I am doing it flat-footed.

My feet should be shoulder-width apart.

After that, I will straighten my hands and
slowly sit down parallel to the ground.

One thing I will keep in mind is that my knee
should not cross my toe so I will sit.

but I cannot keep my back bent,

It has to be straight.

Come back up slowly and breathe out.

Again sit down.

Back up.

I don’t have to go down too much,
just parallel to the ground.

This exercise will help you to develop very strong legs

and if you want to know more in detail,
you can watch our legs workout video.

There you will find all the necessary in-depth details.

In the next exercise, I will train my biceps muscle.

To train this muscle I have selected cable curls.

To perform cable curls I will require
a straight handle like this.

The distance between my hands
should be shoulder-width.

After that, before starting I will tighten
my core and lift my chest up.

Now lift the bar up to you maximum
till the bar isn’t close to your chest.

Then release it slowly

Whenever you lift the bar you need to breathe out.

Keep in mind that whenever you release the bar you cannot bring your shoulders forward

and while lifting you cannot bend your back.

This means your body should be stiff and
the only movement should be of your hands.

Like this.

Focus on your biceps muscle.

For the next exercise, I have set the cable on top.

The exercise which I am going to perform
is triceps pushdown

for which the working muscle will be triceps.

I have chosen a grip little less than my
shoulder width to perform this exercise.

Also, I need to keep my core tight and

Press the bar down till the point both
my hands aren’t in a straight position.

Bring the bar back up

but make sure it doesn’t go too up

which means that your elbows cannot move
and both of them should be fixed.


Breathe out whenever you press the bar.

Also, your upper body shouldn’t move
too much while performing this exercise.

After performing these exercises do 2-3 minutes
of stretching to cool down your body.

Also, after performing these exercises
you will face muscle soreness

but it doesn’t mean that you have
done any wrong exercises.

When you come the next day,
your soreness will be a little less

With each passing day,
the muscle gets used to exercising

and your soreness would reduce.

I hope you all liked the video.

I will be back soon with more
informational videos like these.

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Thank you so much for your love and support.

See you guys.

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