4 Best Glute Workouts Exercises for Nicer Butt

Namashkar to all the viewers, how are you all

with a new workout video I’m here in front of you again

and in today’s workout video

I’ll tell you that how you can strengthen your glute muscles

and can develop a rounded butt

I’m making this video specially for all the boys

because they think that only girls need to develop a butt

that’s why watch this video till end,let’s start our video

whenever I go to gym

Maximum boys have only one question

how to grow a good biceps , how to develop a chest

how rounded shoulder will we make

but till today none of the boys have ever

asked me how to make a rounded butt

about how to strengthen our glute muscles

that is why I want to make todays video

because glute muscle is a very important muscle

because as you walk , run or do a normal get up and sit

then the glute muscles is the one that works the most

that’s why it’s important to make it strong

along with it whenever you perform your workout like

squats ,deadlift , or any other press movement

then also it’s very important that your glute muscles are strengthen

that’s why in todays video I’ll show you 4 such

exercises that will strengthen your glute muscle

and along with that, will give you a well shaped rounded butt as well

you only have to add this exercises in your weekly schedule

1st exercise that I’m suggesting to you all is Hip thrust

You will require a flat bench

the correct way of doing is just lie down but you have to make sure while lying

that you don’t place your whole back on the bench

basically the corner of your bench should remain a little below to your shoulder blades like this

after that your foots will not be too far forward or too far back

they will remain a little forward to your knee like this

from now on we’ll start performing the exercise

means we’ll lift our hips in full range of motion

just make sure that full range doesn’t mean

that there is an arc in your back means

You don’t have to do a hyperextension , means your repetition end when

basically your shoulder, pelvic and knee makes a straight line

that means your repetition is complete , and there you’ll

squeeze your glute muscle , breathe out stay there for a second

and then release it slowly , very slowly
lift ,squeeze and hold

when you start doing 20-25 repetition easily then you will

add some weight , means put the weight on pelvic bone

just make sure that it’s not too much weight

there should be complete range of motion

and you are able to squeeze your glute muscle efficiently

breathe out, hold, squeeze,
very carefully

I’ll suggest you that you should at least

do 12-15 repetition with weights and of 4 sets

2nd exercise that I’m suggesting to you all for glute muscles is

Hyperextension , we’ll use some tricks and

tactic here you must understand them

firstly where will we place this adjustment

how much height it should have

so its corner should be slightly lower than my pelvic bone

how? , see here
I’ve already adjusted it , you adjust it according to you

here is my pelvic bone and there is pads corner

2nd thing whenever you are performing it

instead of placing your foot straight point it a little outwards pointed

that will increase glute muscle involvement

now , generally in hyperextension you go down straight and then come up

here the trick is that you have to round your back means arc it

means like this , basically round in front too and like this too

now you will go down from here and then will come up

you just have to make sure that you don’t come up too much high

because that will involve you lower back too much and glute

but we have to involve lower muscle less and glute muscle high

so round back go down and come up only that much that your body

basically stay parallel to the pad , without any hyperextension

now watch it correctly

slow down and up , squeeze your glute

breathe out , stay there for a second and then release

if it’s easy for you to perform , then you can hold some weight like this

lets go , control , lift , squeeze, breathe out

squeeze your glute muscles and then slowly

you have to feel each and every repetition

i will suggest a repetition range of 12-15 for about 3-4 sets

3rd exercise I haven’t seen any guy do it

but you should perform it because boys should also have nice glutes

we will perform this exercise with the help of a band

because many gyms does not keep any abduction adduction machine

don’t worry just buy a band like this and perform it on a floor

so before we start you just have to make sure that your hands

comes directly below your shoulder and

Your knee that should come below pelvic bone

we will start our exercise from here on

lift a knee and raise it as much as you can

when it is raised at your maximum, squeeze your glute muscle

and breathe out , place down your knee back again

without letting it touch the floor lift it again and breath out

in a very control way and squeeze glute muscle

feel each and every repetition, contraction

I’ll suggest you that you have to do more repetition

25-30 repetition in every set and

once one leg is finished start performing from another

that will be your one set and 2-3 sets

4th and last exercise for glute muscle that I suggest to you all is step up

for which you will require a platform like this

whose height will be about to your knee level

and after that put your one foot above it and with the help of

that foot only go up and straighten your knee , squeeze your glute muscle

and breathe out but as you are seeing right here that I have put my other foot upwards

just for the demonstration but you don’t have to put that foot upward while performing this whole set

come down slowly , balance , up and in a very controlled way

breathe out after coming up , squeeze out your glute nicely

perform this exercise with both of your legs

12-15 reps with one leg and then same with the other

if you are feeling it is very easy for you

so you can hold some light dumbbells in your hand

and I will suggest you about 3-4 sets

those people who have more seating jobs always

Complain about pain in their lower back , and reason for that is

when you seat for a very long time ,

the blood flow in your glute muscles decreases ,

due to which your lower back get a strain and for all of them

there is a glute awakening exercise I’ll explain it quickly

perform it at least 1-2 times in a day
exercise 1

first of all stand straight ,turn the claws to the outside

like this and from here

lift your heel with your knee as straight as possible

and after coming here squeeze your glute muscle , hold it and breathe out

go down slowly , and continue this for 10-15 times

now 2nd exercise , do it with the help of a support

in which put your foot forward and lift and make sure while lifting

your claws should not go outwards and you’ll start basically

from inside of the other leg like this , lift from here and breathe out

focus on your glute muscle

our 3rd exercise will be in which bring your foot backwards

but make sure whale taking your foot backwards

never bring it forward to your other leg, so basically

keep it only in the backside , breathe out ,

squeeze your glute

first exercise , second and third perform all at least 10-15 times with 1-2 sets

this was our todays video , hope you all will like our video

you don’t have to perform all these exercise in a single day

if you perform any 2 of these exercise with any muscle group

then it will be enough for you

I will keep on making content like these for you people

will keep presenting it in front of you

till then goodbye , namaste

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