15 Minute Beginner Exercise Ball Workout

Hi everybody,

thanks for joining me today.

I am going to be leading you

through a 15 minute beginner
exercise ball workout.

Today, I’m going to be using
the Bob and Brad exercise ball

for the entire workouts,

if you have something like this at home

you’ll want to grab that.

I have a mat but if you
have a soft surface,

you are going to be laying on your back

for some of these movements,
so something to keep in mind.

I’m going to have you
guys go ahead and start.

We’re going to lay down on your back,

we’re going to elevate
those feet up on a ball.

There’s no need for shoes
today for this workout,

we won’t be up and jumping around,

everything will be
either seated on the ball

or on your back.

So first things first, you’re
going to go ahead, lay down.

We’re just going to start nice
and easy, legs extended out.

I’m going to have you just go ahead

roll that ball in as far
as you can, extend it out.

Just getting some range of motion here,

roll it in, extend out.


I want you to involve that breath now.

Inhale, roll it in, exhale,
extend those legs out.

(exhales) Good, keep going here.

(exhales) Let’s go two more

and last one.

All right.

Now extend one leg up,

it doesn’t matter which
leg you start with.

That leg is going to come
straight up towards the ceiling

and we’re going to do one leg at a time.

Roll it in, extend it out.

Again, inhale, bring
it in, exhale, extend.

Good. (exhales)

Try to keep that leg as
straight as you’re able to.

(exhales) Keep breathing.

We’ve got three more on
this leg to get done.


Last one and we’re going to switch it up.

Switch legs,

extend that opposite led
straight up towards the ceiling.

Once again, take it in and roll it out.

Inhale, roll that ball in,
exhale, extend back out.

(Jordan exhaling)

Good, keep going.

Good, we’re going to go
with three more (exhales)

and last one right here.


Extending both legs out,

we’re going to bring it back
to that starting position.

We’re going to go into a bridge hold here.

So, legs are up on the ball,

arms are just right down along your sides,

from here into those shoulder blades

in nice and close together

and then we’re going
to press those hips up

and all you’re doing here
is holding this position.

Holding in here, we’re doing
about a 30 second hold.

Trying to think about
keeping those hips up

as high as you can,

engaging through the backside of the body,

feeling a little instability
going on with that ball

and that’s going to activate
and utilize that core.

Good, keep holding right here.

We’re going to keep holding
this bridge position

but now I want you to roll that ball in,

feet come flat on the
ball and hold it here.

If this is too challenging for you

you can take those legs
straight back out again.

Good, keep holding.

We’re doing another 30 second hold.

Hips up nice and high.

Keep breathing.

We’re going to hold here for
five, four, three, two, one.

Extend your legs out

and slowly lower yourself
back down to the mat.

Hug those knees into your chest,
give that a quick stretch.

All right.

Next up we’re going to take that ball

right in between your feet.

You’re going to extend your legs

straight up towards the ceiling,

from here all you’re doing

is just doing little pulses
on that ball, in and out.

Just like this, in, out,

for 10, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three, two, one,

take it down.

Little rest here, we’re going
to do that four more times.

We’re going to do five sets.

All right, ready?

Take it back up, legs extended.

Pulsing here for 10, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three, two, one.

Lower it down, take a little breather.

Couple deep breaths.

We’ve got three more sets to get through.

All right, legs are up once
again, extend and squeeze

for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one and lower it down.


Over halfway there, we’re going
to do that two more times.

All right.

Let’s grab that ball here once again.

Set number four.

Extend it up, pulse it in
for 10, nine, eight, seven

six, five, four, three, two, one,

lower it down, take a
nice big, deep breath

and we’ll do one more set.

All right, legs are up and last time

in for 10, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two, one,
and take a little break.

All right, next up

legs are going to be
in that same position.

You’re going to be lifting those legs

straight up towards the ceiling

and we’re going to do
some leg lifts, all right.

So, we’re going to take
those legs straight up here,

all right, still squeezing in on that ball

and all you need to do here
is just a little movement,

down and up.

The further you lower your legs here

the more challenging it’s going to be

but you don’t need very
much range of motion

to engage those core muscles.

Breathe, inhale down, exhale, bring it up.

Inhale, down, exhale.

Let’s go five more here.

Five (exhales)

and four, (exhales)

good, keep breathing down. (exhales)

Last two. (exhales)

And last one, bring it up and take a rest.

We’re going to do one more
set of 10 here on this one.

Back up again, ball
comes between those feet,

legs are extended up.

Ready and go.

Lower it down

and up. (exhales)

Inhale down, exhale lift it up.

Good. (exhales)

This is number five, we’ve
got five more to go. (exhales)

Four more (exhales)

last three (exhales)

last two (exhales)

and last one and rest.

All right, very good.

We’re going to go ahead
and come on up, now.

We’re going to use this ball
a little bit different way,

we’re going to be doing

a little pushup style pyramid here, okay.

So, what’s going to happen

is you’re going to start
all the way back here.

You’re going to walk those hands out.

Now, with these, the further
you walk your hands out,

the harder the pushup’s going to be

so you don’t need to go very far

just to add a little resistance.

If you’re a little bit
more advanced at pushups

you can walk your hands
way out there, okay.

So, you can go ahead and
join me, walk it out here

and we’re in this plank position

and you’re going to lower down now

to start for five pushups.

Go ahead.

Inhale down, exhale, press up.

You’re doing five. (exhales)

As soon as you get five pushups done,

you’re going to walk yourself back in.

Good, and with control

you’re going to walk those hands back in.

We’re going to gradually decrease, now.

We’re going to go down to
four repetitions, so go ahead,

walk those hands out
once again and let’s go.

Four, (exhales)

Once again, same drill as last time,

as soon as you hit that fourth rep

you can go ahead, walk those hands in.

We’re going to take
just a little breather.

We’re going to be going all
the way down to one pushup,

we’re on three right now.

Go ahead, walk it out
and let’s count them out.

You’ve got three,


and one.

Go ahead and walk those
hands back in once again.

Got two more sets.

We’re on set number two now.

Go ahead, walk it out,
get those two pushups in.

Here we go, here’s one

and two.

Good, walk those hands back in once again.

Take a nice big deep breath
and one more push-up to go.

Walk it out and go ahead,
grab your one pushup

and then I want you to hold that plank.

Hold it up here nice and
strong, keep breathing,

stabilizing through that core

don’t let that belly drop down
at all, keep those hips up.

Go ahead, walk it back
into where you started.


All right, this next one
we’re going to be doing

these are called knee tucks.

This is going to be a little bit more

of an advanced move somewhat

so if it gets to be too much for you

just know that you can
always just continue

to hold your plank position
rather than doing the movements.

So, you’re going to go
ahead if you’re ready.

Walk yourself all the way
out this time, all right

and then what you’re going to be doing

is just rolling that ball
in, extending your legs out.

Roll it in, extended it out.

Again, if this is too advanced,

you’re just going to
be holding your plank.

Good. (exhales)

Make sure that you are
breathing here with this one.

(exhales) Good, nice work.

If you’re doing these knee tucks,

I want you to go ahead and
do three more. (exhales)

Once you get that last one in

you can go ahead carefully with control,

walk yourself all the way
back to where you started

and come on off.

All right, perfect.

Next one, we’re going to be doing

a little different version of
a plank utilizing the ball,

but this time the forearms

are going to be on the ball, okay.

So, you’re going to start here
and just roll yourself out

and hold it, okay.

We’re going to take it in and roll it out.

Good, take it in and roll it out.

Taking it in here once
again, extend, roll it out.

Take it up and roll it out, good.

Let’s go with three more
of these right here.

Here’s three, good. (exhales)

Here’s two, nice job

and last one, roll it out and take it in.

All right, perfect.

We’re going to now take a
seat on the ball, all right.

So, when you’re seated on the
ball, I want you to make sure

that you’re not using it like a chair,

we’re not just hanging out here.

I want you to keep your
core activated and engaged,

try to get most of your
hamstrings off the ball, okay.

Then what you’re going do

is first of all take one leg,

whatever one you want to
start with, it doesn’t matter,

we’ll do both.

You’re going to extend it out

and we’re just going to
try little leg circles.

Reverse that.

Good and set that down.

Switch legs, leg circles.


and set that leg back down.

We’re going to switch legs
here, once again extend it out.

This time you’re going
to lower it down and up,

down and up, down, up, good

and switch legs.

Extend it out, lower down and up.

And good.


All right, this next one now,

we’re starting seated on your ball

and I’m going to have you go
ahead and cross those arms,

just right across the front of your chest.

From here you’re going
to walk those feet out

all the way until your
head touches that ball

and then with control, walk it back in.


Control, step it out.

This is not a quick movement.

Keep those hips lifted, step it in.

Let’s do that three more times.

Walk it out.


Two more, step out and bring it in.


Last time, walk it out right here.

Hips are lifted and sit
up here nice and tall.


All right, now we’re going
to do that same thing

but we’re going to kind of
stretch here with this one.

So, you’re going to walk all the way out,

let that head rest on the ball

and then just extend those
arms up over your head

and just enjoy this nice
release for your back.

Breathe in.

Good, just letting yourself relax

and release over this
ball, enjoy the stretch.

If you have a lot of low back pain

or you spend a lot of time sitting,

especially doing any computer work,

this is a really nice stretch

to go in the opposite
direction of all of that

and just let your back release.

All right and carefully go ahead

and come on up out of that stretch.

We’re going to do one more stretch here,

this is another great low back release.

What I’m going to have
you do is just go ahead

and take those arms right
over the top of that ball,

push those hips back and just
let that belly fall down.

(Jordan exhaling rhythmically)

All right, you go ahead
and then come on up

and that’s it for today.

Thanks so much for joining me, everybody.

Have a great rest of your day.

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