Dwayne Johnson Was Once Bullied By Shawn Michael & Triple H, Confirmed AEW Star Chris Jericho: “Might Have Insulted The Rock When He Was A Kid”

WWE- turned- actor Dwayne Johnson has roots in the wrestling ring and is frequently considered one of the biggest names in the entertainment assiduity. still, the former wrestler was formerly bullied during his wrestling days, as AEW star Chris Jericho claimed. Read on to find out what actually happed between the stars. Before getting one of the highest- paid Hollywood stars, The Rock started his trip with wrestling mammoth WWE. Being one of the most profound stars of the station period, the suckers are hoping that Brahma Bull might return to the ring at the forthcoming WrestleMania event. While that’s still under wraps, read ahead to learn further about The Rock. As reported by Sports Keeda, AEW star Chris Jericho talked about Dwayne Johnson’s real- life issues with Shawn Michaels. While […]

WWE’s Sasha Banks Finally Breaks Silence On Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Mone, Says “I Had To Go After…”

WWE’s Shasha Banks Reacts To Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Mone WWE Former Star Shasha Banks Reacts To Her Exit & Joining AEW As Mercedes Moné( Photo Credit – Instagram) Some WWE stars rose to success and fame, while some of them just got down with the wind. Adding to the list, Mercedes Moné, before known as Shasha Banks, left the giant wrestling company and set up her new home by resuming her career with New Japan Pro Wrestling. still, the wrestler has opened up about her departure from the WWE.  The original name of the wrestler is Mercedes […]

Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Copied ‘People’s Elbow’ From A WWE Veteran & Didn’t Pay Him Anything? Latter Says, “I Asked Him For Royalties”

Dwayne ‘ The Rock ’ Johnson is right now one of the highest- earning Hollywood stars, but his roots lie in the wrestling ring of WWE. While the wrestler- turned- actor isn’t seen in the wrestling ring for quite some time, the suckers always await the People Champ to appear. Known for his stimulating moves and iconic hand step, The People’s Elbow, The Rock is one of the topmost wrestlers ever.  Being one of the influential wrestlers from the station period of WWE, the Rock’s People’s Elbow is still said to be one of the […]

Urvashi Rautela’s 7 Lakhs Worth Breathtakingly Seducing Red-Carpet Look Includes A Tulle Dress

Urvashi Rautela stepped out in absolute style on Thursday( March 24) as she attendedthe Indian Sports Honours in Mumbai 2023. The gorgeous beauty graced the redcarpet with all grins as she posed for the shutterbugs at the event. Urvashi formerlyagain played the sartorial game strong and gave her suckers a note- good fashionmoment.  Talking about the actress’s look, Urvashi proved her fashion prowess with the on- pointstyling. The actress wore a long lattice dress with mugs and thin strips. The skirtcreated ample volume thanks to the several layers of lattice. The matching silk satin belt completed her red carpet look. The actress decided for a statement brace of chased heels from a popular luxury brand, Christian Louboutin. She also wore an assemblage of dazing earrings and statement rings from Cartier. Glamorous makeup, […]

Scarlett Johansson’s This Fashion Disaster Would Make You Go “What Was She Thinking Before Donning This God-Awful Blue Dress With Plunging Neckline”

We’ve said it ahead and will say it again – Scarlett Johansson is an icon and will alwaysbe. Whether it’s her sartorial picks, perfect body, hypnotising looks or husky voice, the actress is an absolute goddess and the epitome of perfection. But sorely, indeed the stylish of us frequently make miscalculations. Scarlett did too, and well, it was n’t a mistake it was a fashion disaster!  The Black Widow actress wore an azure mini dress at the Hollywood Awards Gala 2003. The time was relatively significant for her in terms of her career. This dress would also be noteworthy, as it would go down in history as one of Scarlett’s worst fashionmoments. Scroll on to learn further.  In 2003, Scarlett Johansson gave some fantastic performances in pictures like Lost In restatement and […]

Emilia Clarke In This Bare-It-All Lingerie With Plunging Neckline

Emilia Clarke is that one woman who can stay frothy and look s * xy without indeedtrying. There’s a reason why she’s considered one of the s * xiest women in the world, and it’s the way the princess carries herself. She exudes a temptress vibe in every single outfit and maintains confidence like no other. In this fogy photoshoot, Emilia proves just that by looking like a graceful seductress in this sultry black lingerie. Scroll on to learn further.  The actress rose to fame with her character, Daenerys Targaryen, from Game of Thrones. The dragon queen was one of the strongest characters in the show and surelyone of the hottest as well. She was declared the […]

When Amber Heard Got Wet & Wore A White Monokini Putting Her Curvaceous Figure

Amber Heard, who’s ruled over every news caption with her controversial vilificationcase and with herex-husband, Johnny Depp, also knows that how to rule over her suckers ’ and hearts with her fashionable aesthetics . The gorgeous Aquaman actress is known to have a perfect face, and well, there’s no mistrustfulness about that. Whatever she wears, still, she puts on makeup – she always looks ‘ picture-perfect ’.  And it’s not just her face, Amber frequently puts her pneumatic figure on display as well. Her unique sartorial choice lets her suckers respect her more for her fashionsense. moment, we brought you a fogy picture of hers where she oozed HAWTNESS in a wet white monokini, and we ca n’t get her print out of our heads.  […]